Please note that the conference program will be released in due time. 

The Internatioal African Arts Conference 2021 (Uganda) will include an interactive round-table discussion for all participants of the conference. In this face-to-face dialogue, we expect to engage in critical conversation and knowledge about different topics and challenges in arts and culture, that we all, one way or another, get to face. The discussion will be facilitated by a moderator, allowing the participants to engage, share their experiences and be inspired by the learnings and challenges of others. Round table panel members will be announced in due time.

Possible Round Table Topics

Topic 1: Building the future of Arts in the world

  • How to develop a culture of Arts discipline in which all in the school are focused on arts subjects?
  • The role of the principal in school culture
  • Supporting teachers of Arts discipline in Africa and the world at large

Topic 2: The Future of African Culture

  • What can be done to secure African Culture ?
  • Promoting of African culture to the world tourist
  • The future of Culture in the changing digital world
  • Global learning on culture
  • The role of African Union towards African culture

Topic 3: Arts and Economy

  • How can Arts utlise online (e-comerce) in this digital world
  • The future of Arts economy, post COVID-19
  • Networking


The power of storytelling will equip participants with practical tools to dramatically enhance their personal impact. Participants will learn the history OF those who have succeeded in the Arts Sector. The practical part of storytelling will explore the best structure for a story, storytelling techniques, and the characteristics and use of different types of stories. These activities will teach them how to improve active listening skills, communication skills and presence. Please if you wish to be part of the storyteller and you think delegates have something to learn from email, email the conference coordinator (


"Uganda the Pearl of Africa"

Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa because of the abundant biodiversity, colour, profusion and serene beauty. The country has got a variety of things to offer to international tourists. Uganda boasts some of Africa's most stunning landscapes, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, tropical rain forests, savanna landscapes, primates, birds and much more. The unique environmental attributes and the moderate climate can be ascribed to the country's location on the equator.

After the conference, on 28 September, international delegates will get the opportunity to tour some of the amazing, not-to-be-missed tourist sites found in Uganda. Different places will be toured, including the Uganda Heritage centre, Buganda Kingdom Headquarters, Buganda Kabaka's palace and the Uganda Wild Life Education Center.

dr fida sanjakdar